With more than 15,000 people in Philadelphia who experience or face homelessness every year, the need for HAP’s legal assistance far exceeds the capacity of HAP’s small staff. HAP, therefore, relies heavily on our generous pro bono partners who commit their time, staff, and resources to meet the legal needs of individuals and families at risk of becoming homeless or already in the throes of homelessness. 

The generosity and dedication of HAP’s partners cannot be overstated. Since its creation 30 years ago, HAP’s partners have donated pro bono legal services valued at an estimated $98 million. At the same time, HAP’s legal clinic outreach model provides our partners with the rewarding and meaningful opportunity to meet with our clients in the community.  

For more information about partnering with HAP, please contact HAP’s Volunteer Coordinator, Kaitlyn Fallon, at [email protected], and check out the video below for a thank you/call to action for all our volunteers, from our executive director, Dean Beer.

Adopt-a-Shelter Project

Through HAP’s Adopt-a-Shelter Project, over 40 law firms, corporate legal departments and law schools commit to staff a monthly or bi-monthly legal clinic  held at locations where our clients access critical services and supports. 
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We are eternally grateful and continually humbled by our pro bono partners’ compassion, commitment, and generosity.

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