Friday Success Story – HAP Holds 5th Virtual Clinic

On Wednesday, HAP hosted its 5th virtual legal clinic and 1st virtual clinic with volunteers! HAP Director of Operations Tanya Rambert and HAP Senior Staff Attorney Pat Malley oversaw the Zoom rooms while volunteers from CHUBB and Hogan Lovells and HAP Executive Director Marsha Cohen interviewed 12 clients from three Self, Inc. sites (Station House, Outley House, and IFE Wellness Center). Clients were assisted with a variety of legal issues including SSI disability, citizenship/immigration documents, and birth certificates.

A huge thanks to Chubb volunteers John Roth, Carmine Giganti, and Veronica Cox-Emanuel, and Hogan Lovells’ volunteers Dave Newmann and Steve Loney for your continued support of HAP as we expand our virtual legal clinic schedule! And an additional thanks to the SELF, Inc. staff for your valued partnership in support of our mutual clients.

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