HAP Welcomes Jessica Rickabaugh at its new Board President.

HAP welcomes Jessica Rickabaugh as Board President for 2023 and extends much gratitude to Jon Cochran for serving as HAP’s Board President in 2022.

I am honored to serve as the President of HAP’s Board of Directors in 2023. Since 1990, HAP has been the only organization providing direct civil legal services to families and individuals experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. HAP’s dedicated staff has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to continue its legal services and advocacy, while HAP continues to face increasing client need and challenges in the delivery of these services.

HAP would not be able to serve the community without the assistance of volunteers, individual supporters, government agencies, partners in the non-profit community, corporations, foundations, law firms, and law schools. HAP is deeply grateful for donors who support HAP financially and volunteer their time to provide legal services. I encourage you to join HAP’s vital mission in any way that you are able.