Case managers are expected to email to HAP a completed birth certificate referral packet separately for each participant.

Click right here for our out-of-state BC referral packet, and see below for instructions.

The referral packet consists of a variety of forms; NONE should be signed by the Case Manager:

  • HAP Representation Agreement – client must sign
  • HAP Release of Information –client must sign
  • If the participant is requesting BC for their child(ren), a separate child release must be completed for each child and client must sign each release
  • Birth Certificate Information Form – must be completed for each request

Additional Application Documents

Depending on the state where your client was born, addition documents may be required as part of the referral packet. Different states have different requirements with regard to signatures, other documents that are needed and whether a notarized statement is required.
HAP will reach out to case manager if additional forms are required or if a document needs to be notarized. Please note that HAP has two notaries on staff.

Submitting the Referral Packet and Next Steps

  • Scan referral packet and send it to [email protected]
  • HAP will need at least two weeks to open cases, run conflicts, and process application paperwork
  • Depending on the State, it could then take 4-12 weeks for the state vital records to process the birth certificate, assuming there are no issues.

Please Remember!

  • Case Managers are expected to submit referral packets that are complete and legible.  The packet will be returned to you and delay the processing if all required forms are not complete and legible
  • It is critical that you provide HAP with updated client contact information if client moves on for any reason.
  • Questions: please call HAP at 215-523-9595 or email us at [email protected].